A vulnerability has been identified in APOGEE MBC (PPC) (P2 Ethernet) (All versions >= V2.6.3), APOGEE MEC (PPC) (P2 Ethernet) (All versions >= V2.6.3), APOGEE PXC Compact (BACnet) (All versions < V3.5.3), APOGEE PXC Compact (P2 Ethernet) (All versions >= V2.8), APOGEE PXC Modular (BACnet) (All versions < V3.5.3), APOGEE PXC Modular (P2 Ethernet) (All versions >= V2.8), TALON TC Compact (BACnet) (All versions < V3.5.3), TALON TC Modular (BACnet) (All versions < V3.5.3). The web server of affected devices lacks proper bounds checking when parsing the Host parameter in HTTP requests, which could lead to a buffer overflow. An unauthenticated remote attacker could exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code on the device with root privileges.

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