Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing as fine as possible.

So… Sorry, I know this is asked here CONSTANTLY, daily, but after researching a lot, I came to no conclusion…

I’ve been using BitDefender (Free) for some years now, but although everyone mentions it’s lightweight, its processess (vsserv, bdagent, etc) take about 340 mb while running on the background, and I feel like that’s a lot. So I decided to do some research and try some other options, even if I had to pay for them.

The best options I found were Kaspersky, ESET, Sophos, WebRoot, Trend Micro, F-Secure, Total AV, BullGuard and Avira.

I’d go with Kaspersky, but everyone keeps bringing up the privacy issues with the Russian gov. Then, I’d opt for ESET, but it seems it missed some things in some tests, and it’s also kinda expensive, since it doesn’t have a free alternative. A lot of sources mentioned Webroot and Sophos as being pretty lightweight, but I’m not sure about how secure they actually are. For the other ones, I haven’t found a lot of info regarding Security and specially Performance (impact on resources).

So, please, r/antivirus, what would you people recommend me?

I use a Laptop with 12GB of RAM, i7-8550U and MX130 2GB. I don’t really care for any extra features, like VPN, but one thing I really like about BitDefender is that you’re able to install it, turn it on, and you can pretty much forget about it, cus it takes care of all the layers of protection. But, as I said, it really has been taking a toll on my RAM, so I want to try something else, even if I have to buy it.

Thank you all in advance. Peace.

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