The continued evolution in computer network technologies has seen the
introduction of new paradigms like Software Defined Networking (SDN) which has
altered many traditional networking principles in todays business environments.
SDN has brought about unprecedented change to the way organisations plan,
develop, and enact their networking technology and infrastructure strategies.
However, SDN does not only offer new opportunities and abilities for
organisations to redesign their entire network infrastructure but also presents
a different set of issues and challenges that need to be resolved. One such
challenge is the implementation of Digital Forensic Readiness (DFR) in SDN
environments. This paper, therefore, examines existing literature and
highlights the different issues and challenges impacting the implementation of
DFR in SDN. However, the paper also goes further to offer insights on the
different countermeasures that organisations can embrace to enhance their
ability to respond to cybersecurity incidents as well as help them in
implementing DFR in SDN environments

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