PDF virus


Jul 22, 2021

Win 10 anti-virus picked up a PDF virus in my C:WindowsTemp folder. It has picked up a few times on and off.

I don’t know how it got there. I have visited global china a few months ago, and expressed a few polite opinions, but I don’t know if it from that or somewhere else. Their website is http rather then https. May be I am paranoid now.

I have run a full Win 10 scan, but finds nothing. Have done both on-line and off-line scanning. I also booted off Kaspersky rescue, but that too found nothing.

I installed malware bytes, it found nothing.

I don’t know if there are other tools, I can try.

I don’t have confidence in my PC. I don’t do internet banking.

I want to do a full re-install, but it is a pain, as I have a lot of data…..

I do have ransomware protection installed.

UPDATE (further information) :

Window put the following alert:

Remediation incomplete

Detected: Trojan:PDF/Phishstatus: Failed

Details: This threat or app might not be completely remediated.

Affected items:

containerfile: C:WindowsTempPF2880.pdf

file: C:WindowsTemp.pdf->(PdfUri:0000)

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