The Basics of Exploit Development 5: x86-64 Buffer Overflows

Hello! If you have read the other articles in this series, welcome back. If not, I would encourage you to read those before proceeding with this article as it builds on concepts laid down in the previous installments. In this article we will be covering a technique similar to the one in the first installment of this series, however, with the twist in that this exploit will be of a 64-bit process running on Windows 10. 
Due to the nature of modern operating systems and the exploit mitigation techniques they employ, this will not be a very realistic example due to the fact that we will be disabling everything so we can concentrate on a few aspects of exploiting a 64-bit application. Specifically, we will be looking at the differences in how the different architectures call functions and how the features of the 64-bit method can be leveraged to exploit a vulnerability. 

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